About Tom O. Reed

One Hobby... Music!
I love all kinds of good music. Fortunately I get to listen to my 10,000 plus cd collection while I'm creating my work!

"Favorite Song"
"Who Dares Wins" by Ian Cussick, a Scottish singer/songwriter.
"The heroes know the secret and the secret is the fact that who dares wins"

"Favorite Saying / Quote"

An older gentleman that I used to work with (in my youth) had a sign on his desk which read... R.W.Y.W.
One day I finally asked him what it stood for and he told me, rather matter of factly, that it stands for "remember why you work".
It doesn't matter what your working for whether it be family, a hobby, a new car, whatever it is...
when you're at work dealing with all that comes your way, to keep things in proper perspective, R.W.Y.W.

My lovely wife, Mrs. Tom O. Reed... The truest person I have ever known!

I bow to the light of ancient stardust which is thankfully
cast in the most perfect female form whose very being I guard with my life...

Words From The Artist

His work has been on display in the Smithsonian, the American Craft Museum in New York City and countless galleries around the globe.

Tom O. Reed is one of the countries most unique artists and craftsman and as such, his work has been enjoyed by the likes of Buckingham Palace, Presidents of the United States and collectors the world over.

When you consider that each piece he makes is hand carved, that those pieces are made of beautiful exotic woods, and when you see the elegant shapes, touch and feel the curves and silky smooth finish, it's then that his utensils become art.

After years of working in southern California and enjoying the success of international art exhibitions and countless jurried invitationals, Reed has opted for the more quiet relaxed atmosphere of small town middle America.
3% of artists make their living at their craft...
Tom O. Reed has been doing so for 33 years now and he recognizes this special statistic and is humbled and grateful to those who make this possible.

If you are the purchaser or recipient of one of his creative cooking utensils, enjoy the beauty of how he captures the grain and know that it's yours and yours alone, because each piece is meticulously attended to and created individually thus... no two are alike.

"Truly a marriage of function and art"...
Julia Child

I believe that the marriage of function and art is one of the most rewarding things in life. We all can relate to it if we just think about it...
a Rolls Royce is far more beautiful gliding down the road than parked in a garage. I try to accomplish that marriage in each piece I make...
from it's look, to it's feel and it's function.
I also believe in having fun with art... that's why I like to use the worlds most beautiful and expensive woods, make something exquisite looking and then call it a "pudding plopper"!

The wood itself, the natural shapes and dramatic grains serve as the greatest influence to my creations. Since I am self taught, I have no formal or historical artistic influences.

"Favorite Wood"
I work in over one hundred species from all over the world and I guess I'd have to say which ever one I'm working on at the moment... (how's that for a politically correct make everyone happy answer?).
Actually, each wood has a personality all it's own, from it's feel, to the way it responds, even to it's smell... they are all great!Type your paragraph here.

Artistic WoodenCooking Utensils

Salad Tossing Set

by  Tom O. Reed