Q: Will they get ruined if I actually use them or will the finish get ruined with use?
A: The pristine shiny finish will dissipate with use but the wood will stay beautiful forever and over time they will take on a wonderful patina as you use them over the years.

Q: What is the durability or How will they hold up?
A: The common "cheap-o" wooden spoons are made of  pine... and they often last for years before they break and you just throw them away. These utensils are made of woods which are dramatically harder and more dense, as a result they will last a lifetime.

FAQ's & Care

"Bocote' Trio"

Artistic WoodenCooking Utensils

Q: What is the finish?
A: There is "NO" finish... what you see is the byproduct of countless hours of meticulous sanding.
Each piece is taken through thirteen stages of sanding and shaping.
Also... because they are intended to come in contact with food, no finish can be used.

Q: How do I care for them?
A: Simple... wash in warm soapy water and dry!
See below in the "Care" section for more detailed information. (do not put them in the dishwasher).

"Pot O' Chili Stirrer"

Q: How long does it take to make one of your utensils?
A: After almost 25 years, it's now measured in hours (rather than days).  

Q: Are any of these woods from the rain forest?
A: The woodworkers alliance for rain forest preservation is responsible for creating what they call "good wood" or "smart wood" which are trees raised on tree farms intended for their express use by wood workers as opposed to buying commercially available woods which are likely to be direct from the rain forest.

Tom O. Reed pays 2 to 3 times the fair market value for the "good wood" and / or "smart wood" he uses. It's important to note that the additional money goes directly into programs of education and re-forestation in the rain forest.

"Coffee Scoop"

"Bell Pepper Stuffer"

"Chocolate Syrup Drizzler"


After first use and occasionally thereafter sand with 600 sandpaper and apply mineral oil.

Now... that's the official statement.

If you do nothing whatsoever they will be fine forever.
The realistic care is this... If and when you notice that the wood is not as nice and smooth as it was when you first got it (and you would like it to be) then you can sand the surface a little with some 600 sandpaper and apply mineral oil with a paper towel or rag. The mineral oil simply serves to repel water (no more, no less).

Please note... You will not be able to return the piece to the glossy shine again after use.

If you would like some 600 sandpaper for this purpose...
Please feel free to contact Tom O. Reed and he will send you some at no charge.

"Forever & Always Kitchen Tool"

"Stir Fry Wok Tool"

Questions & Answers

Q: They are too pretty to use!

(not really a question but everyone says it when they first see them)
A: They are fully functional and serve to decorate your kitchen as well.
Kitchen utensils are a very personal thing to people. Every one of us has needed a tool with a drawer full of clean alternatives but we wash our favorite one which is laying dirty in the sink!

"Stylish Stirrer"

"Stroganoff Stirrer"

Q: Are the colors of the wood a dye or stain?
A: NO, every piece is 100% natural.

Q: Can I use them in my nonstick and / or high quality cookware?
A: Yes... in fact it is recommended by the finest cookware manufactures, such as All-Clad and
Le Creuset, that wooden cooking utensils be used with their products.

by  Tom O. Reed

"Rice Server & Butter Spreaders"