by  Tom O. Reed

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    Keepsake Baby Spoona.k.a."Gerber Server"


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Flintstone,

Barney and Betty Rubble have commissioned me to create this hand carved, one of a kind, keepsake baby spoon especially for you in celebration of the birth of your new baby girl... Pebbles!
I wish to offer my sincere congratulations!
On behalf of Barney and Betty,
I hope you will accept this in the spirit it is intended and enjoy it as a special keepsake for many years to come.


Tom O. Reed

To "commission an artist" to create a specially made Baby Spoon in celebration of the birth of a friend or loved one's new baby is as classy as it gets!
Artist, Tom O. Reed will make a one of a kind baby spoon just for you to present at that perfect moment to ensure a memory that will last a life time.
That presentation is enhanced by a personalized letter of authenticity as well as the artist's biography.
All this is directed to the family and  signed by Tom O. Reed.
Please review the general text of that letter in the sample to your right

Just imagine the names of your choice in the bold text.
Any number of adjustments can be made to contour it to the specific situation (example: if you do not know the baby's name, it can be omitted etc.)
A cherished Keepsake for life!

$25.00 plus shipping