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Pie Server

  Show schedule for 2016

  • Aug. 27 & 28 ART IN SPEED PARK / Sellersburg, IN

  • Sept. 5 & 6 FRANKFORT FALL ART FESTIVAL / Frankfort, IL.

  • Sept. 10 FRENCH ART MARKET / Indianapolis, IN.

  • Sept. 24 & 25 IL. WINE & ART FESTIVAL / Whittington, IL.

  • Oct. 8 MONUMENT CIRCLE / Indianaplos, IN.

  • Nov. 26 HOLIDAY MARKET / Bloomington In.

  • Dec. 2,3 & 4 COLUMBUS WINTERFAIR / Columbus, OH.


Those of you who are coo coo (for Cocobolo) know who you are and this one's for you. This wood has become harder and harder to come by over the last year or so. And you also know that often when I can get it that it doesn't have the "old" incredible figure that Cocobolo is so famous for.
I recently found some and almost had to mortgage my house to get some of that classic Cocobolo that has the incredible figure and here are some of the early returns....
Pictured from left to right...

RICE SERVER - $65.00
WOK TOOL - $85.00

So get your special Christmas gifts now or just take advantage of this unique wood situation!
If you buy the lot I'll pay the shipping anywhere in the continental USA.
P.S. - not pictured is a PIE SERVER - $55.00

L to R:

Veggie Saute'r

                    Wok Stir Fryer                      Egg Scrambler

  • The last show Tom did was a very nice affair...                            Weather was good, audience plentiful and engaging. Sales were great and then to top things off Tom O. Reed was presented with the "Best In Show" award.Said award came with a pretty little red ribbon and to Tom's surprise a nice and generous check. Tom says that even after 29 years this kind of thing still feels good.... Like an adult version of getting a gold star on your report!                 Look... I got an "A"!

Fried Bologna Flipper

Artistic WoodenCooking Utensils

by  Tom O. Reed

Pot O' Chili Stirrer