"Spice Sprinkler"

Spice Sprinkler

"Fried Bologna Flipper"

"Customers at Art Festival"

"Cookie Lifter"

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News, Events and Schedule

"Stir Fryer and Rice Servers"

For those of you who received one of my pieces as a Christmas gift this year and are checking me out here because of it, I wish to say Welcome!

Most of the people who buy and use my work become something of a family.

Feel free to contact me regarding your piece or to buy something else for yourself or a future gift giving occasion.

I send out emails which feature some of the special pieces throughout the year. Please email me if you would like to be added to my email list and thank you again for your interest.


There is no schedule events to report in light of the current condition of society.

Most all Art Shows are cancelled until further notice and I am opting to be very careful in this regard.

Thank Goodness for the Internet!     

"Pot O' Chili Stirrer"

"Pie Server"

by  Tom O. Reed

"Ready For Customers at Art Show"

"Booth Display at Art Show"

Artistic WoodenCooking Utensils