"I am born and raised in Germany and have traveled the whole of Europe admiring the arts...

As a contemporary artist Mr. Tom O. Reed and his Sculptural Cooking Tools take second place to no one in my opinion. Wunderbar!!!"

Charles Kuralt / CBS Sunday Morning

Simply Ming / Chef

Roy Zec

Arts Impresario

"My hand carved Soba Noodle Stirrer is truly a piece of art work...

When I'm cooking at the Blue Ginger (restaurant) I always reach for my favorite kitchen tool over and over again."

The Indianapolis Star

"These are Truly a Marriage of Function and Art"...Julia Child

"I love working with wood but I hate sanding... looks like sanding is your life.

These are really beautiful!"

"The definition of art is making or doing things that display form, beauty or unusual perception... Tom O. Reed is the unequivocal example of that definition!"

"I was awed by the craftsmanship of each piece and how the artist captures the natural essence of the wood and it's grain...

and all this in a cooking utensil!"

Andy Rooney / 60 Minutes

Artistic WoodenCooking Utensils

"You are the Brancusi of cooking utensils!

Each piece looks as if it were spontaneously born from a piece of wood that was meant to fall into your talented hands."

"Elegant, Sleek and Sensual"

Joan Kohn / HGTV

by  Tom O. Reed

San Diego Union